Might Growth and Buildings Info

The only research that impacts training speed is Geometry, so upgrade this research to the maximum level.  Geometry is limited by the level of your Workshop and to reach level 10 Geometry you need a level 10 Workshop and Alchemy Lab.  If you have 1 Divine Inspiration, do not use it on the Lab or Workshop as the Knights Hall or Rally Point are more important.  But if you have those upgraded, then the Lab and Workshop should be next on the list.
Barracks vs Cottages
One question that I constantly hear is how many cottages or barracks should I have.  The answer is that it really depends on how frequently you can be on each day to queue troops.  If you can drop into the game frequently throughout the day, even for just a minute to hit the train button, then reduce the number of cottages and increase the number of barracks.  If not, then increase the number of cottages so that you are training larger batches of troops at a time.  One way to tell if you have the right balance is by the length of your training queue. If you are constantly maxed out on the training queue then you should have more barracks.  Most of the elite players will only have 3-4 cottages in a city that does not produce resources and 6 cottages in a city that does.  
Each barrack that you build, will decrease your training time by 10%.  Each time you level a barrack up you decrease your training time by 1%.  Therefore, it is important to do both.   However, if you are starting your building in a new city, start by building level 1 barracks in all of the spots that you are going use.  If you are in an alliance and have a lot of people on to get helps, then you can power through the low level builds and pretty quickly have 15-20 barracks all at level 3.  Then level focus on leveling up one a day to level 9 so that you are doing the level 9 build overnight while you sleep.  
City Specialization
If you have multiple cities, then you have the ability to architect the cities to specialize.  My recommended setup is to have one city that can train all troop types and then setup your other  cities so that they only train Tier 1 troops (Light Cavalry, Militiamen, and Archers). There are two reasons for this:
  • The  training time for Tier 1 troops is disproportionately faster than Tier 2 or 3.  If you can train 4,500 T1 troops an hour then you will be gaining might at 18K an hour.  In that same city, assuming it is built to train all types of troops, it will take 5 hours 24 minutes to train 2250 T3 troops.  That is a might growth of 10K per hour.  T2 troops would provide a might growth of about 15K per hour.
  • Tier 1 troops are the workhorses in your army.  They will be the first to fight if you are attacked and not hidden.  You really should never attack with any other type of troop because the other types are so slow to replace.  If two foes face off, one attacking/defending only with T1 troops and the other using only T3 troops, the faster training speed of the T1s will win the battle.  Over time, the guy only training T3s will be zeroed and stay there.  


The stable, workshop, and blacksmith control the types of troops that you can train.  You do not need any of these buildings to be able train Tier 1 troops.  However, the blacksmith does affect the training speed of the troops.  To specialize a city on only training T1 troops, replace the stable and workshop with barracks, but keep the blacksmith for the speed.
Other Buildings
In your quest to decrease your training times, you will start to question the real value of the other buildings inside your city.  You will start cursing Kabam for wasting an apparent spot inside the city walls for a Christmas tree.  Here are the other buildings that you can potentially replace with barracks.
Alchemy Lab  If you have completed all of the research that you plan to do, then you can destroy the lab.  You do not need the lab to keep the benefit of the research that you performed.  
Watch Tower – Once built you cannot destroy it.  But if you are just starting to build a city, think about whether or not you care about being warned of an incoming attack at that city.  If you are building the city to just be a training center where you will not have resource fields, will keep no resources there, and will not be defending the city, then don’t build the watch tower.
Embassy – You cannot destroy this building while you are in an alliance, but you only need an embassy in one city in order to join an alliance.  Besides needing it to join an alliance, the embassy is only used to allow other members of your alliance to reinforce your city.  You can reinforce yourself without an embassy.  If building a training center city, then don’t build the embassy.  
Storehouse – The storehouse protects some of your resources in a city.  If the city will produce resources, then you should have a storehouse.  However, if the city has so many resources in it that you have to leave troops unhidden to defend the resources, then the storehouse is a waste of space.  Likewise, if the city is a training center that does not produce resources, then just transfer the resources needed for a training batch and replace the storehouse with a barrack.
Relief Station – This relief station is used to increase the speed that you can transfer resources and troops between your cities or those of other members in your alliance.  I am impatient and do not like to keep my cities closely packed.  Therefore, I think that a relief station is important.  However, if you have a more laid back attitude and can handle it taking a while for transports, then this is an optional building for you.  The transport time between cities that are 100 squares apart should be about 42 seconds with a level 9 Relief Station, but it will be about 4 minutes without a Relieve Station.
Round Tower – The Round Tower can only be built in your first city.  The round tower is also insanely long to build and level up.  It is necessary to have one to collect crests to earn second and third city deeds.  Kabam also occasionally runs events through the RT that allow you to earn shop items.    Therefore, it is up to you to decide the value of these benefits.  


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