Knights --- Only for the Standard Knights 212 -

Knights' Hall - Speed Bonuses

The knights' hall is where you can see the knights that you have, increase their level through the use of training shields, and control the positions that your knights will hold when they are not out attacking cities and wilds. 

The Steward position increases the production of all resources in the city by 1% per night level.  This is calculated off of the base building production for each resource, which can be seen in your castle by tapping on the overview tab, then the production button and the arrow to the right of each resource.  You will receive this bonus as long as you have a knight assigned to Steward. 

The Marshall position performs two functions.  It decreases the training time for troops and it improves the attack and life of any troops that are defending your city.  In order to receive the bonus for training, you only need to have the knight assigned  when you are inserting the troops into your barrack's training queue.  To receive the bonus to defend the city, the knight must be assigned to Marshall at the time that your city is attacked.

The Alchemist position improves the research speed in your Alchemy Lab.  To receive this bonus for research, you only need to have the knight assigned when you are starting the research.

The Foreman position improves the speed for buildings and wall defenses.  To receive this bonus, the knight only needs to be assigned when you are starting the building.

As you can see, 3 of the 4 positions only need the knight assigned to when you start the training, building, or research in order to receive the bonus for that position.  Therefore, you really only need one high level knight to receive these bonuses.  Leave the knight assigned to steward until you are going to start one of the other activities and then move the knight to the appropriate position, start your training, building, or research, and then assign the knight back to steward.

Knight - Attacking and Defending 

The Knight's role in attacking is pretty easy.  When you go to attack a city or wild, you select a knight to lead the troops selected into battle.  The level of the knight improves both the attack strength and life of your troops in that battle.  Send a level 12 knight to take a level 10 wild with an even mix of Militia, Light Cavalry, and Archers and you will lose about 8650 of them in the battle.  Send a level 212 knight on the same mission and you will lose half that amount.  If you are attacking city that has their troops unhidden to defend, then the relative levels of the attacking knight and the defending knight will determine who has the edge. 

The Knight's role in defending can be significantly more complicated because of the number of defense scenarios. 

However, before talking about the role that the knight plays in the defense, the first question that should be analyzed is should you bother defending at all.  If you have your resources under the protection limit and send your gold off to another city, then there is nothing really to protect.  So the decision to hide or unhide your troops has nothing to do with protecting resources and is made solely on the merits of teaching the attacker a lesson. 

Therefore, you really want all of the information available in the highest level watch tower to make the right decision.  If you have an advantage in knight level, have built a big wall, or the attacker is sending a small force, then you should unhide your troops and kill the attacking force.  However, if your knight is outclassed, you are up against an overwhelming attack, and have no wall defenses built, then hiding is probably the best answer. 

There are two basic defensive scenarios, with and without reinforcements, but as you will see in the explanation below this can get tricky when you add in the variable of hiding the host cities troops.

Knight Marshal, No Reinforcements

If you do not have an alliance member reinforcing you, then your defense is pretty simple.  The knight that you assign to the Marshall role in your Knights' Hall will affect the attack and life of your troops provided that they are not hidden during the attack.  If you hide your troops, the Knight on Marshall does not do anything.  This includes providing any bonuses to your wall defenses.  Your wall defenses need troops to man them to be effective.  With the troops hidden, your wall defenses are highly ineffective and were a waste of time and resources to build. 

Knight Marshal, Reinforcements

If you have alliance members that have reinforced you then the strategy is more complicated.  You now have multiple knights that are potentially in play.  Consider the scenario where you have two reinforcement armies sent, one with a level 212 knight, one with a level 1 knight, and you have a level 75 knight on Marshall.  Which knight is actually used when the fighting starts???

The answer depends on the setting for hiding troops in your city.  If your troops are hidden, then your Marshall knight is not actually applied.  Therefore, the highest level knight is used to lead all of the reinforcing troops and the level 212 knight is in control.  However, if you unhide your troops in the city, then the Marshall knight takes over for all of the reinforcements and the in city troops and the level 75 knight takes over. 

IMPORTANT:  It is very important to be sure that you coordinate with the person that you are reinforcing if they are going to have their troops hidden or not and what level knight they have set as Marshall.  If they only have a low level knight, you want to send a high level knight and make sure that they do not unhide their troops.  If they have a high level knight and are going to be unhidden, then you want to send a low level knight with the reinforcements so that you can keep your high knights in your city.

The owner of a city that is under attack who only has a low level knight can contribute to the defense of his city if he is being reinforced by a high level knight.  You can unhide the troops in the city and still have the reinforcing knight used for the defense if you have NO knight assigned to the Marshall position.


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