Farming does not refer to getting food from your farm resource fields.  Farming is an affectionate name for attacking other cities in order to take the unprotected resources that they have available.  Since every city produces resources, there are plenty of resources available all around you as long as they are not already being used or protected.  You can easily get more resources by farming the cities around you than you can actually produce, even with two cities full of level 9 resource fields and all level 10 wilds.

There are two types of farms, hostile and passive.  A hostile farm refers to an active member who you are willing to do battle with in order to take their resources.  These cities might have low might compared to you, but they might defend or even attack back.  A passive farm is one where the owner of the city is no longer playing the game.  You do not need to worry about them defending against you or attacking you back, you can go there any time you want and take whatever you want with no concern for retaliation.  This strategy guide will deal primarily with passive farms.

Mapping Your Farms

To farm most efficiently, you want to map out the area around you and bookmark the farms that you intend to include in your farm network.  By doing this work up front, you can eliminate the searching part on a daily basis and focus your time on using the resources that you get from these farms.  Start by searching a 50 square radius around your city.  Ignore any cities that are below level 10 or are marked with a blue flag.  For those who live in a highly dense area you could ignore cities below level 15 or even 20 as long as you end up getting enough farms when you are done.  For each city that you find, check the alliance of the player and ignore any that are in a high ranking alliance.  The rest are potential farms.

To determine if a player is active, you have two options.  First, you could bookmark them and change their bookmark to their might instead of their city name.  Then, check back in a week and if the might is still the same then they are inactive.  An alternative is to look the player up in the rankings and check the might gained in the current week and previous week.  If both of those are 0, then they are inactive.  Even if you choose the second option, I still recommend bookmarking them by changing the name of the bookmark to their might.  That can save you a bunch of wagons when the player who was in a coma for a month comes back and builds some traps to stop your wagons.

When you have finished your mapping your area, you should have a long bookmarked list of farms.  I recommend using the star icon to flag them so that you can easily know which ones are farms.  

Starting Farming

The first time that you attack a farm, you should send just one wagon, militia, cart, or supply troop...whatever you don't mind losing.  Even an inactive player might have a wall or have left their troops unhidden before they were hit by the bus that put them in the coma.  Attacking with one troop will tell you something that you cannot find out by scouting them, if the troops that they have are unhidden.  When your attack hits them, look at the report to determine if you want to worry with them or not.  If they have a lot of unhidden troops or a massive wall, then you know what you have to destroy in order to get the juicy resources available.  The decision to wipe out the troops or wall is yours to make.

Daily Farming

After you have mapped out the farms, bookmarked them, and checked the defenses, you are ready to start your daily farming.  I recommend that you farm each city on your list at most twice a day.  Most cities wont produce enough resources to make it worth your effort to go back more frequently.  However, I have found a few high level cities that were clearly producing about 500K food an hour.  

If you need the gold in the city, send a mixed force of the fastest troops that you have and wagons.  Wagons alone will not breach the walls and get to the gold in the castle.  Depending on the level of the wall, you need to send more troops.  If you send 1000 heavy cavalry, you can get past any wall.  You will not lose troops if there are no defenses, but the wall will prevent you from getting inside if you do not send enough troops.

If you are not interested in the gold, you can get the fastest farming by just sending wagons.  I typically send 300 wagons to each farm.  Depending on your level of featherweight powder research, 300 wagons should be able to carry between 1.9 million and 2.5 million in resources. That means that you only need 2700 wagons in your city to send out 9 waves of wagons.  If I see a report that shows that I hit the max resources for the number of wagons that I send, then I just send a second group out to get the rest.

I modify the bookmark for any farms that end up producing a lot of resources by putting a + sign in front of the might.  This puts them at the top of the list so that if I don't have time to farm the entire list on any day, I can hit the highest producers and get the most out of my time.
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