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Buying a Second City Deed

While on the surface, this option seems like it shouldn't have a paragraph explaining it...You just click on the Items icon in the button bar at the bottom, click the Shop tab, the Misc button, and then the Buy button next to the Second City Deed, right.  Well, yes, you do that in order to buy it, but how do you get the 225 gems required???  You have two choices, you can hit the Get Gems button and pay for them through your iTunes account or you can get gems for free through Tapjoy.  

If you want to go the free route, you need to make sure that you have registered your account with Kabam.  Click on the Player Info button in the top left corner and then click the settings button that looks like a gear in the top right corner and click on Kabam ID.  If you see an email address there, then you are registered.  The second step is to go into Global Chat and click on the banner across the top and then click on the Notice for earning free gems at  Make sure that when you register with Tapjoy you use the same email address that you used to register your account at Kabam, this will make sure that your gems make it to you.  You will then be presented with a list of apps that will earn you free gems.  Many of them will indicate that they are free and that all you need to do is install and run them.  Click on all of these and install them.  Once installed, run them, just long enough to get the game started and past the intro screen.  Once you have run the first one, go back to KOC and do an App Refresh and make sure that the gems show up.  If the first one works, then you can just start powering through doing the same thing for each one.  Once you have gotten the gems, you can just delete the app unless you like it.

Battling the Picts for Crests

You can also get a second city deed by collecting crests from the Pictish Camps.  You need to collect 100 crests, which seems like a lot but this guide will give you the strategy to do it in the shortest period possible and while taking the least amount of losses.  I personally got the 100 crests in about 4 days.

Setting up for success

Before starting the battle, it is important to make sure that your city, research levels, and Knight experience rankings are set up right.  While these are recommendations, I strongly urge you to follow these guidelines.  If your are not set up this way in your first city, then chances are you should not be attempting to get a second city anyway.  

Round Tower - You need a level 7 Round Tower at a minimum, Level 9 is highly recommended.  The round tower is where you hold the crests that you capture from the Picts.  The higher the level of your tower, the better your chances of getting a crest when you win a battle with the Picts.  Even with a level 9 round tower you will not always get a crest, but you will most of the time.

Barracks - You should have a minimum of 12 barracks in your city.  While only one needs to be leveled up to a level 9 in order to train high level troops, your training will be faster with more barracks and higher level barracks.  Build as many as you can before leveling them up after the first one.  More barracks also means that you can have more batches of troops queued for training.  Battling picts will cost you a lot of troops, so being able to keep them queued and train fast is very important.

Research Levels - You want to have Geometry, Poisoned Edge, and Healing Potions all researched up to level 7 or higher.  This will ensure that you train fast and take the least amount of losses.

Knight Level - I would highly recommend that you have a knight that is at least level 75ish before you start attacking.  You can use Tapjoy to get gems to then buy Train with Arthur for a knight.  

Battling Pictish Camps

Pictish Camps are the cities on the map that have round walls and and round buildings. You can only collect crests from Pictish Camps that are level 6 or higher.  To tell what level a camp is, use the pinching motion on the map to display the level for all squares.  Each level has a different mix of troops, so the optimum attack force will vary from one camp to the next.  Use the guide below to determine which types of camps you want to attack and then map out all of the camps of that type in the close vicinity of your city.  Keep your attack times low, under 2 minutes, there is just no reason to be travelling across the map in order to battle a camp.

Level 6 Camps 
     All horses - 600 Light Cavalry and 400 Cavalry.  
     Ground troops have an advantage against horses.  Send all Militia Men.

Level 7 Camps 
    All ground - 800 Militia Men and 500 Swordsmen
    Artillery have an advantage against ground.  Send all Archers.

Level 8 Camps 
    Mixed troops - 400 of each Tier 1 troop type (Light Cavalry, Militia Men, and Archers); 200 of each Tier 2 troop type (Cavalry, Swordsmen, and Ballistae)
    Because of the mixed troop type, it is recommended not to battle these camps.

Level 9 Camps 
     All artillery - 1000 Archers, 600 Ballistae, 500 Catapults
     Horse troops have an advantage against artillery. Send all Light Cavalry

Level 10 Camps 
     All horses - 1300 Light Cavalry, 800 Cavalry, and 600 Heavy Cavalry.
     Ground troops have an advantage against horses. Send all Militia Men.


You will not always get a crest when you battle a camp.  Higher level camps do increase the odds of getting a crest, but it also increases your losses.  A higher level knight and Round Tower also increases your odds of getting a crest.  

There is no set refresh rate for the crests to regenerate at a camp.  So you can attack the same level 6 camp every minute or two and sometimes you will get 5 crests in a row and sometimes you will get none.  You do need to be victorious in the battle to get a crest.  

It does take time for the resources and the Pict defenders to regenerate at the camp.  Just a few minutes for the defenders, but more like an hour for the resources.  

Remember that you are not the only one that might be hitting the same camps.  So your neighborhood activity might cause you to get a lower crest rate than other people.

You need to send a lot more troops than you lose to get a crest.  After the battle is over, the remaining troops have to be able to breach the walls of the camp to get to the crests in the castle inside.  Just send a full wave each time and do not attack camps if you do not have enough troops.  Take a breather from the battle, focus on training and rebuild your forces to start again.

You can have your crests stolen if you are hit while you are collecting them.  Other players can only get one at a time, but if they find that you are giving up crests, so will attack you relentlessly.  So work fast to get your crests, then convert them into a second city deed by clicking on your Round Tower, the Artifacts tab, and hitting the Claim button that will light up when you hit 100.  

My Experience Battling the Picts

I chose to battle the picts to get my second city deed as I preferred to use the gems for levelling up my knights.  I found all of the level 6 and level 10 camps within about 25 squares of my city and only attacked them.  By choosing only these camps, I could focus all of my training efforts on militia, to replace those lost in the battles.

There were 6 or 7 level 6 and about the same number of level 10 camps in my target zone.  I hit each one three times a day, once in the morning, again during my lunch break, and again in the evening.  It took me 4 days to earn the 100 crests needed.  During those 4 days, I tracked all of the hits and then crunched the numbers to see if any patterns emerged from the results.  Here is what it showed me:

I hit 72 level 6 camps getting 38 crests and 93 level 10 camps getting 62 crests.  So the level 6 camps had a drop rate of 53%, while the level 10 camps had a drop rate of 67%.  That would seem to indicate that you should only hit the level 10 camps.  However, I lost on average about 500 militia in a raid on the level 6 camps and 5 times that (2500 militia) in a level 10 camp battle.  So calculating the militia lost per crest gained, I averaged spending 947 militia per crest hitting the 6s and 3750 per crest against the 10s.  

While the 6s can be a little more frustrating because of their lower drop rate, it is a lot cheaper to get your crests against them than against the higher level camps.  Of course, my results will not mirror yours exactly,  Different knight levels, research levels, and your neighbors activity could skew your numbers a lot differently than my experience.  I was getting mine during a time when Kabam was running a Pict battle competition, so my crest rates were probably lower as a result of more of my neighbors hitting the same camps.

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